Surgical Services for Pets

Our experienced veterinarians possess steady hands and expert knowledge of routine and advanced surgeries. With their skill and compassion, we can guarantee your loyal companion will receive the highest quality of care pre and post-surgery. To ensure your pet gets the best possible outcomes, we occasionally refer them to board-certified veterinary surgeons to perform complex operations when advanced equipment or training is beneficial. At Sydney Animal Hospital, we are equipped to perform several surgeries, including spaying and neutering, fracture repair and plating, soft tissue surgeries, and orthopedic surgeries. To know more about our surgical services, reach out to our team at 902-562-5551

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What pre and post-surgery services are available?

Before surgery, our veterinary team takes the utmost care and precautions. Our vet performs a physical exam and pre-anesthetic testing before surgery to ensure your pet does not have any underlying conditions. We provide appropriate pain medications to make your pet feel comfortable in the recovery phase post-surgery. Depending on your pet’s needs, we can recommend alternative therapies such as laser therapy for pain management. 

How do you ensure my pet’s safety?

We have strict protocols for surgeries, and we take the necessary steps to ensure your pet receives the safest treatment. We conduct pre-surgery bloodwork to determine the right amount of anesthesia for your pet.

What can I do to make my pet feel more comfortable before surgery?

Before surgery, we recommend that all pets are up-to-date with their vaccinations. Try to do activities that make them feel calm and comfortable. Feel free to bring their favourite toy or blanket to help them feel safe.

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