With microchips, your pet’s chance of reuniting with you increases exponentially if they ever get lost. A microchip is a grain-sized device placed inside your pet’s body. They cause no harm and safely store your contact information. When scanned at a veterinary clinic or shelter, they reveal your information so your pet can be returned home to you. We offer microchipping services at our hospital. Call us at 902-562-5551 to learn more or to book an appointment. 

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Where and how is the microchip inserted?

The microchip is usually placed in the loose skin behind your pet’s neck. The microchip is loaded into a small syringe and injected into your pet. It can also be inserted using a small incision with a scalpel. The process is quick and easy, like drawing a blood sample. 

Does my pet need anesthesia to have a microchip inserted?

The procedure is simple, and, in most cases, pets do not require any anesthetic or sedative administration.

What happens if my pet does not have a microchip and is lost?

While you might make every effort to find your loyal companion, the chances are that they will end up at a shelter if they are lost. In most cases, when pets do not have a microchip, they can be adopted by another family. Unfortunately, many are also euthanized if the shelter does not have the resources to support a large number of animals.

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