Bring your pets and let them experience a calm and serene session of grooming that contributes to their healthy lifestyle. Apart from offering professional grooming services, we can teach you techniques to help keep your pet well-groomed. You can also browse through our pet-safe grooming products at the hospital or ask us for recommendations. Call us at 902-562-5551 to book an appointment and let your pet enjoy a fun and refreshing experience. 

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What services are included in a grooming session?

The grooming session includes a bath with specially formulated shampoo tailored to your pet’s individual needs. It also consists of a hair cut of choice, nail trim and ear cleaning. We also check and clean your pet’s eyes, paws, and pads during their appointment.

What are the health benefits of grooming for pets?

Regular grooming helps your pet stay clean and prevents diseases. Keeping the coat clean and healthy through regular brushing helps remove dead hair, matting, and dirt and also distributes natural oils throughout the fur. Trimming the hair around the face, ears, paw pads, and other areas can help prevent infections and irritation and keep debris from accumulating. Cutting the nails can prevent joint pain, stiffness, and chiropractic problems.

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