Dermatology Services for Pets

Is your pet scratching excessively? Is there any redness, or do you notice any bare patches? Dermatological diseases are common in felines and canines. They can be caused due to hormonal disorders, allergies, infections, and parasites like fleas and mites. Skin issues must be addressed promptly as some diseases are difficult to treat quickly. If you notice any skin issues, please call us at 902-562-5551 to schedule your pet’s appointment. 

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What are common skin conditions in dogs?

Most common skin ailments in dogs include environmental allergies, food allergies, folliculitis, impetigo, ringworm, yeast infection, ticks and fleas, mange, dandruff and lupus.  

What steps can I take to prevent skin diseases in my pet?

  • Regularly check your pet’s skin to spot any changes or issues 
  • Keep your pet’s surroundings clean
  • Ensure that your pet is on a year-round parasite prevention plan 
  • Regularly bathe your pet and use pet-friendly products 

How to spot a skin condition in my pet?

The best way to spot skin issues is to regularly check your pet’s skin and coat. Make a note of any changes and share them with your veterinarian. Even minor changes can be a sign of an underlying condition. Try to notice when and where your pet has been before they show symptoms. For example, does your dog scratch more after a walk in the evening or did the rash appear after a change in food? These observations can be helpful to your vet when diagnosing.

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