Dental Care Services for Pets

According to the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association, dental and oral issues are the second most diagnosed problem in cats and dogs. At Sydney Animal Hospital, we are proud to offer dental services and advanced care such as digital dental radiography, allowing us to see what’s going on under the gum line. Call us at 902-562-5551 to book your appointment. 

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What are the early signs of dental problems in cats and dogs?

Some signs to watch out for include:

  • Yellow or brown buildup (tartar) on the teeth
  • Red, swollen, or bleeding gums
  • Bad breath
  • Excessive drooling
  • Changes in eating or chewing habits
  • Pawing at the face
  • Loose teeth
  • Depression

Why does my pet need a dental exam?

Dental problems can go unnoticed because most can occur under the gum line. A thorough dental exam conducted by a veterinarian using technology like dental radiology can catch underlying issues earlier. During such visits, we can also help show you how to brush your pet’s teeth and recommend foods and treats that will help combat plaque and tartar buildup. A dental exam can help prevent dental problems and start your pet on a journey to achieve healthy teeth. 

What food is harmful to my pet’s teeth?

Starch, a form of sugar, can cause the proliferation of harmful bacteria and cause tartar and dental problems. It is present in large amounts in cat and dog food. This is where other dental hygiene practices can be helpful.

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