Arthritis Treatment

Arthritis is one of the most common degenerative diseases that affect dogs and cats. The most effective way to help your pet deal with osteoarthritis or degenerative joint disease is to consult your vet regularly and build a plan to prevent and treat the condition. Treatment for arthritis can be medical and surgical. Worried your pet is showing signs of arthritis? Call us today at 902-562-5551 to book your pet’s consultation.

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What are the signs of arthritis in dogs and cats?

Some signs that indicate arthritis include:

  • Appearing stiff
  • Loss of mobility in limbs
  • Becoming less active, especially at night
  • Have a less fluid gait
  • Not jumping as high 
  • Jumping less 
  • Rest more than usual 

What causes arthritis in dogs and cats?

The most common factor is age. As your pet ages, they are more prone to suffer from arthritis due to wear and tear. Other causes include environmental factors such as lack of proper nutrition and exercise, obesity, etc. Acute injuries can also become a cause of arthritis as more stress is placed on the joints over the years. 

What medical and surgical treatments are available to treat my pet’s arthritis?

Arthritis treatment has become multimodal as pain management techniques and treatments have advanced over the years. Medical treatments include pain management through pain medications, injections and other therapeutic practices such as physical therapy, laser therapy, cryotherapy, acupuncture, etc. Surgical means to treat arthritis include hip replacements or surgeries to treat underlying causes such as ligament ruptures, joint incongruity and more.

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